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What is Cubedigico 3D?

C3D is a fully loaded pack of 3D visual, game-based, and assessment focussed instructional resources available for classroom learning, home-based learning, flip learning, and blended learning.

Every topic comes with,

  • Monoscope Videos
  • Stereoscopic Videos
  • Interactive Quizzes & Puzzles
  • 3D Interactive Simulations
  • Key Vocabulary
  • Concept Maps


Help students better engage with the materials.

  • Increase retention by 29-42%
  • Develop higher-order thinking skills
  • Hone fundamental abilities that enable students to watch and conceptualize visuals.
  • Enhance tactile hand-eye-mind connections that improve the ability to recall facts and retain learning

A kinaesthetic learner is the one who will be actively engaged in their learning practically. This learner needs a multi-sensory learning ambiance for deep understanding as they learn by ‘doing’. These are ‘tactile’ learners who use movement, trial & error, testing, and also the non-traditional learning methods to retain information and excel in their skills.

The interactive assessment helps to anchor knowledge. Assessment-Based Learning appears as a traditional test. However, tests give a random indication of proficiency at the moment of the test that only measures knowledge gaps but does not bridge the gaps identified. Whereas, Assessment-Based Learning helps to both identify & bridge the gaps.

The Core Features of C3D learning are

Excite-Entertain-Educate is the slogan we follow to make students get excited about learning, feel entertained and be educated. What more a teacher or a parent expects than a kid's academic growth.

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About CubeDigiCo

Our products demonstrate new ways to master challenging subjects like Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Science & Technology.

  • Designed and Developed by experienced teachers from the USA
  • Tailored to the curriculum: Micro-level customization of lessons as per curriculum
  • Supports all methods of learning (Textual, Auditory, Visual, and Kinaesthetic)
  • Promotes student engagement and academic results with visually rich content
  • Ease of access, user-friendly, responsive web, and mobile app interface.

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