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What is Cubedigico 3D?

C3D provides visually engaging & adaptive digital content with interactive instructions & constant guidance that improves students’ learning ability and retention rate for endlessly challenging STEM subjects, including Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Technology.

STEM topics offered by C3D present live experiences to the learners through realistic modern 3D videos, advanced interactive simulations, fun quizzes, key vocabulary, and concept maps. Every concept incorporate:

  • Monoscope Videos
  • Stereoscopic Videos
  • Interactive Quizzes & Puzzles
  • 3D Interactive Simulations
  • Key Vocabulary
  • Concept Maps

Our Benefits

Support students with personalized, modern & upgraded engagement strategies

  • Increase retention rate by 29-42%
  • Develop higher-order thinking skills
  • Strengthen hone fundamental abilities by enabling students to visualize and conceptualize the content
  • Enhance tactile hand-eye-mind pointer connections that refine the ability to retain lively experiences from vivid learning

The Core Features of C3D learning are


STEM Curriculum
Spanish Version
Substrands aligned
Mobile App Interface
Lesson planning

About CubeDigiCo

CubeDigiCo’s offers the product, called C3D, that embeds engaging game-based resources for students whose content synchronizes with all of the classroom learning, home-based learning, flipped learning, and blended learning models. All STEM topics provided by C3D incorporates the lecture text, visual representation in 3D mono & 3D stereo videos, along interactive representations in 3D simulations. They also feature assessments of learning, fun quizzes, key vocabulary, tricky concepts maps, lesson planning for teachers, curriculum integration, advanced methods, and examples for STEM concepts. C3D’s learner-friendly software supports all learning approaches, including textual, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.