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Cube Labs Provide Results

Vital subjects like science traditionally have been roadblocks for many students. Outdated classroom techniques simply don't give students enough practical knowledge and vivid examples to work with.

The key to better performance in science class is more interactive learning in the classroom. That's exactly what Cube Labs bring to education.

What is a Cube Lab?

A Cube Lab is a virtual lab that features 3D animated video combined with interactivity that teaches lab methods and scientific principles in new and inspiring ways. Cube Labs focus student attention towards the intended learning targets with crisp graphics and interactive learning techniques that bring science to life.

Simulation Screen

Every Cube Lab features interactive learning tools.

Cube Labs by CubeDigiCo are designed to enhance traditional teaching methods by giving educators a new tool to reach their already tech-savvy students who thrive better in interactive classroom settings. Salient features include repetition, pause and continue, and visual and audio effects that help students understand concepts more deeply and perform better on standardized tests.

  • Interactive simulations
  • 3D graphics
  • Quizzes
  • Key vocabulary
  • Concept maps

Contact CubeDigiCo today to discover how interactive learning tools in Cube Labs can inspire your students.

Discover how interactive learning tools in Cube Labs can inspire your students.

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