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Studies show interactive learning is more effective than traditional learning. The key to better performance in education is more interactive learning in the classroom. That's exactly what Cube Labs brings to education.

Numerous studies have revealed how effective interactive learning from virtual labs can be used as a supplement to traditional labs. Many educational systems, from grade schools to graduate programs, now rely on interactive learning.

The National Institute of Health, an organization that sponsors many biological and medical advances in the United States, has launched a new, 10-year initiative called "Digital Biology," which combines biomedical computation with biology and medicine.

The Virtual Labs Project at SUMMIT (Stanford University Medical Media and Information Technologies) in the Stanford University School of Medicine has been funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute since 1998 to reach students of medicine and to increase scientific literacy. Students at Stanford University School of Medicine say virtual labs serve as excellent resources, reinforcing what they have already learned from textbooks and lectures, while helping them better understand complex concepts.

Virtual Labs have been implemented as a national project by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, under the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology.

  • Cube Labs brings education into the 21st century and gives students at every level more tools to learn with.
  • Science and other STEM Subjects Come Alive through Interactive Learning with Cube Labs.
  • CubeDigiCo makes it easy for students to perform better in labs using our powerful interactive simulations in Cube Labs.
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Discover how interactive learning tools in Cube Labs can inspire your students.

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