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Service Categories

School Students

  • Class 6
  • Class 7
  • Class 8
  • Class 9
  • Class 10

Competitive Exam Aspirants

  • JEE
  • NEET

Salient Features

  1. Questions are taken from the CBSE/ ICSE board text books. Questions are prepared by qualified teachers and highly skilled professors.
    • We take questions from important concepts in the text-book to test student preparation and understanding on the unit.

  2. Unit level exams
    • Every unit have atleast one exam, Depending on the length, number of concepts and depth of topic the number exams can be increased to fully cover the chapter at maximum.

  3. RE-TAKE exam option is given 3 times for every exam. This makes student comfortableto get anticipated results.
    • The results and the progess for the respective test will be tracked.

  4. Questions are divided into 5 levels of complexity to evaluate student understanding on the chapter.

  5. Multi-dimensional subject coverage from the unit
    • Champ Exams designed to mentor the student skill on the unit by examining in below modes:
      1.Identification 2. Differentiation 3. Reasoning 4. In-Depth Analysis

  6. Universal Ranking for every grand test - User will get notified as per the region and academic schedules.
    • Champ Exams will provide ranking to the student depending on performance of student in the respective exam against the other student who attended the exam for the same topic.

  7. Scope to understand WEAK learning spots in the UNIT.
    • Based on exam results a teacher/student can evaluate the missing areas where student understanding is to be improved.

  8. Instant Results
    • Detailed reports in regards to exam, subject, scores & performance.
    • Reports can be printed, emailed and exported to excel.

  9. Answer Explanation
    • Detailed Explaination of the answers for the students to understand the concept behind the questions.

Why Champ Exams

  • Not required to purchase extra material as it is purely based on board examination syllabus.
  • No Extra Burden To A Teacher/student Required.
  • Build Confidence To Student.
  • Makes student comfortable for any competitive exam.
  • Foundation For Engineering /medicine Starts From Class-6.
  • Helps Student To Prepare Well For regular class tests and final tests.
  • Revision & Practice Makes Student To Bulid Strong Enthusiasm Toward.
  • Current System Of Competitive Exams.
  • Time Based Analysis.

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Discover how interactive learning tools in Cube Labs can inspire your students.

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